About Us - Corporate Purpose

Innovation with Assurance

Nicovations is a consumer focused company bringing licensed inhaled nicotine products to smokers wanting to replace, reduce or stop smoking.

Our mission is to provide adult smokers with alternative choices they find satisfying enough to replace their smoking habit.  Our exclusive focus is the development of licensed nicotine products that provide much of the experience expected from a cigarette but without the serious health risk of smoking.

Our purpose

•  To put the interests of adult smokers first in their desire for a genuinely effective safer alternative to cigarettes

•  To encourage the adoption of regulation enabling safer licensed nicotine

alternatives to be made available to smokers, and their benefits communicated openly and honestly in a way that smokers can relate to

•  To employ only the most qualified and experienced people, who share our values and objectives to improve public health through the effective development, distribution and marketing of our products

•  To communicate transparently and honestly to our people, partners, healthcare professionals and customers, and welcome their views and advice

•  To create long-term sustainable value for our investors, our suppliers and other partners, through the efficacy and commercial success of our products