Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions about our business


What is Nicovations?

Nicovations is a consumer focused nicotine company bringing licensed inhaled nicotine products to smokers wanting to replace, reduce or stop smoking

What is the source of your funding?

Nicovations is wholly owned and funded by British American Tobacco but is managed separately from the tobacco business. 

What is your relationship with Nicoventures?

Nicovations Limited is part of the Nicoventures (non-combustibles) division of British American Tobacco.

The Nicoventures division has two arms – Nicovations and a separate company responsible for unlicensed inhaled nicotine products.

Will you only sell medicinally licensed products?

Nicovations will only ever sell products that achieve a medicines standard.  Where it makes commercial sense to do so, we may sell a product that has been licensed in our home market, the UK, in an unlicensed capacity in another market.   This may arise where, for example, licensed products would only be available in a pharmacy or on prescription rather than in a retail environment where they are readily accessible by smokers looking to cut down or stop smoking.  

Will you be competing with cigarettes?

We will be targeting our products at existing adult smokers who are looking for an alternative to smoking, irrespective of whether they are consumers of BAT or competitor brands.

Where do you operate?

Nicovations is headquartered in the UK.  We are also exploring opportunities in other countries. 

Are your products safe?

Our focus is the development and commercialisation of licensed inhaled nicotine products that are a safer alternative to smoking for adult smokers looking to replace, reduce or stop smoking.   Voke, which will be our first product, is a safer alternative to smoking.